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Blade Gomovies,An Amazing Movie, Better Than Expected! The reason i even saw this movie in the first place was because of the first few minutes of the movie with the whole vampire club fight which is still the best part of the movie even after seeing the whole movie for the first time and im pretty sure most people can agree with that whether you like this movie or not. I was supposed to see this a long time from now because it was still a long way away on my schedule but sometimes i just have to squeeze movie in there because they look really good and it would be cool to see them and i am also very desperate to see them. So i have seen it and it was way better than i expected. There was way more fighting and action than i thought as well as more blood and better story line and characters. Im glad its rated r because sometimes movies, especially vampire movies or if its from marvel is not so im glad

Duration: 120 min


IMDb: 7.1