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Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania Gomovies,The plot of this movie is mediocre but I LOVE the characters. Dracula is hip and his accent is funny, Mavis has nice hair I guess but Johnny, oh boy. I love Johnny. Not only is he my favourite character in the movie, he is my favourite person in the whole wide world. He is the ideal man. Not only is he a great person because he’s funny and so caring but he’s also super attractive. His cute nose, his curly red hair, his long face,,,ugghh so SEXY. Tomorrow I’m getting a tattoo of Johnny on my back, not a little one, a HUMONGOUS one. I cant wait to flaunt it at the beach. If I lived in Hotel Transylvania, I would KILL Mavis for stealing my man, Johnny and then marry Johnny and have 7 kids named Marcus,Tom, Elizabeth, Jackie, Suzie, Rosy and Johnny Junior. That would be so amazing! The movie is good if you are wondering too. Have a good day.

Duration: 91 min


IMDb: 7.1