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The Peanut Butter Falcon

The Peanut Butter Falcon Gomovies,To begin, I would like to applause this film for how well it utilizes the first portion to quickly and efficiently develop the characters. The “attempted nursing home escape” scene does well to show the intriguing, creative side of Zak which lets us feel how fiercely eager he is to chase his own youth which is being stolen away from him by the state by stowing him in a nursing home where he knows he doesn’t belong. The drawing of himself in the note he passes to the woman he is asking to help him escape does well to illustrate the way he sees himself in his dream. He draws a muscle-clad wrestler, standing victoriously, showing just how full he is of self-confidence and ambition. I think this is such a beautiful and touching description of Zak. I love how relentless his character is in chasing his dreams. I personally extend an enormous amount of applause to Zak Gottsagen for making this character the best possible persona it could be. Well Done to you!